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  • Gavin Tan

MAD (Marketing & Advertising) News This Week 24.04.23

1. TikTok's Ad Revenue Booms, Attracting Tech and Electronics Brands TikTok is experiencing a surge in ad revenue growth, projected to increase by 53% and reach £15.2bn (SGD25.22bn) in 2023. Tech and electronics brands are driving this growth, with a 14.3% increase in ad investment on the platform. Despite challenges posed by the app's Chinese ownership, TikTok remains a leading marketing platform, with 75% of marketers planning to increase their ad spend on the platform. Source: Tech and electronics brands electrify ad investment in TikTok

Source: WARC REBL Says: TikTok's rapid growth and ad revenue potential should encourage brands and advertising agencies to prioritize this platform when crafting marketing strategies to maximize reach and engagement. Our agency has already been taking this approach with two of our clients for a year now. Check out what we’ve done for them right on their TikTok channels: Arçelik Hitachi Home Appliances Wacom Southeast Asia

2. TikTok Challenges Instagram's Dominance in Influencer Marketing While Instagram remains the leading platform for influencer marketing, TikTok is quickly gaining ground. Emplifi's study reveals that 90% of influencers use Instagram, followed by 66% on TikTok. The healthcare, accommodation, and beauty industries, in particular, can achieve significantly higher reach and engagement through influencer marketing on these platforms. Source: Insta still rules but TikTok nips at heels in battle for influencer marketing crown

Source: Emplifi REBL Says: Brands and agencies should consider diversifying their influencer marketing efforts by including TikTok in their campaigns, tapping into its massive user base and engaging content formats. REBL collaborated with influencer agency, Partipost, on our campaign for Arçelik Hitachi Home Appliances to create these content:

3. Ogilvy and Dove Lead The Good Report for Social and Environmental Responsibility The Good Report, which highlights the best campaigns for social and environmental responsibility, ranked Ogilvy as the leading agency network and Dove as the top brand in 2022. The report evaluated 1,029 campaigns across 77 markets, showcasing the increasing focus on responsible advertising. Source: Ogilvy and Dove top The Good Report REBL Says: Brands, advertising agencies, and consumers alike will benefit from responsible advertising that focuses on positive social and environmental impact, signaling a shift towards more meaningful and purpose-driven marketing campaigns. Our partners, Tonic Digital, an award-winning Google Partner consultancy, specialises in such not-for-profit work. Check out this work from them to #STOP CYBERBULLYING. REBL previously worked with Dads for Life, an initiative of Centre for Fathering, a non-profit organisation whose mission is to inspire, mobilise and involve fathers to become good influences in their children’s lives. Watch how we got some of these dads and kids to have “The Post Children’s Day Talk”.


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