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Adobe Creative Cloud gives students the tools to succeed in the classroom, in their career and now… life.

As part of their ongoing global “The Future is Yours. Make it.” campaign, Adobe gives a fresh take on the Creative Cloud tutorials by providing tips and tricks to students that “they don’t teach in school”.

And instead of the usual product evangelists giving these tips, Adobe has instead engaged influential but hardly run-of-the-mill creatives in their respective fields to show how they use Adobe Creative Cloud in their work – from a tattoo artist and a skater, to a chocolatier and an activist.

Because of our work with vinyl record market place #vinyloftheday and our strong pulse on the non-mainstream arts and culture scene, Adobe Southeast Asia reached out to us to source for, film and execute the first representative from the region for “The Future is Yours. Make it.” global campaign.


When Adobe asked us to identify a candidate for The Future is Yours. Make it.” campaign, we had only one choice in mind… Inspired by arts, club culture, spaces, shadows, architecture and the in-betweens, Darker Than Wax is a music collective from Singapore led by Dean Chew. 

DTW is an idea, a movement, an organic ecosystem of like-minded music souls gathering, conversing, exchanging and creating using music as the medium.

Darker Than Wax may have begun in Singapore, but they have become a truly global label with a deep roster of artists spanning the globe and a largely organic fan base around the world.

Dean has been able to bring to life his musical and creative visions with Adobe Photoshop CC. Firm in the belief that the visuals are just as important as the music, we teamed Adobe up with Dean and got him to show what he didn’t learn at school, and how anyone can marry music with art.

Darker Than Wax’s Dean Chew: The journey is the prize
Adobe Asia Pacific

Darker Than Wax’s Dean Chew: The journey is the prize


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The video received over

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The video garnered over

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