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With the impending shutdown of physical retail stores as a result of the pandemic, Hitachi had to fast-track their year-long digital transformation plans that were originally meant to be rolled out in phases throughout 2020.


The mission for REBL was to enhance Hitachi’s underperforming e-commerce store and digital ecosystem as much as possible by the time Circuit Breaker Phase 1 started, in the hopes that online sales would be able to help mitigate offline sales losses as a result of retail stores being forced to shut.


Here’s what we enabled Hitachi to do by the time Circuit Breaker arrived just weeks later:

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Launched Hitachi’s new 
Instagram business profile

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Got them ready to run ads on YouTube and Google Shopping (Hitachi had never ran ads on these) in addition to those already running on Google Search, Google Display, and Facebook Audience Network

REBL-Work Page-Hitachi Assets_newsletter.png

Set up a new email marketing system to send out
e-newsletters for Hitachi’s online store

The rationale to getting these up and running was to enable Hitachi to communicate how its home appliances could help Singaporeans tackle the new needs and challenges they would face during Circuit Breaker, before giving them a good reason  them to make a purchase online (as well as constantly reminding them to do so if they didn't).

One For Everyone
Hitachi Singapore

One For Everyone

As Singaporeans got used to being confined at home, "One for Everyone" – Hitachi’s first-ever digital – campaign was launched. The campaign introduced Hitachi's full range of 83 refrigerators categorised according to different lifestyles and household needs of Singaporeans. As part of the campaign, consumers were segmented into profiles and targeted with ads customised for each profile across Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to drive purchases on Hitachi's online store. At the same time, Hitachi's newsletters were also used to retain these new users landing on the eCommerce site and drive return visits to conversions.


REBL-Landing Page-Wix Assets-Red Hover Box.png

923% YOY


Online sales revenue experienced a

REBL-Landing Page-Wix Assets-Red Hover Box.png



The campaign resulted in

REBL-Landing Page-Wix Assets-Red Hover Box.png



Our media strategy saw

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