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As Millennium Hotels & Resorts looked to launch the new M Social hotel brand in Singapore – the first of this brand of their hotels in the world – they engaged us to communicate this new brand story to target millennial travellers across relevant digital channels and from across the world.


Their mandate to us was to create “Talkability”, “Searchability” and “Stayability” (or Brand Lift), and build top-of-mind brand recall and preference for this new target audience (Millennium Hotels & Resorts’ typical target audience are corporate travellers) toward booking their stay at M Social Singapore.


We proposed to leverage on the rising trend (at the time) of the innovative 360° video format with a key campaign video that would: 

Resonate with millennials and dispel the stereotypes associated with the generation. 

Communicate M Social’s social style of service and


Introduce them to the personality, values, and spirit of the M Social brand. 

Emphasise Philippe Starck’s design influence; the affordable luxury of M Social 

Despite the negative stereotypes attributed to Millennials, there is more to them than meets the eye. By looking beyond first impressions and seeing things from different perspectives, one might come to understand them at a deeper level. We got users to literally do this by using a 360° video viewing navigation experience to communicate our key message.


Viewers could virtually explore the hotel via YouTube as they follow Asia’s Next Top Model winner Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw’s day at the hotel. Google Cardboard viewers were also distributed to members of the press at M Social’s media launch, resulting in glowing reviews from them. 

A New Perspective – A New 360° Video Experience
M Social Singapore

A New Perspective – A New 360° Video Experience


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The campaign video received over

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The campaign resulted in

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The campaign resulted in over

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